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Instructions to Take the Assessment:

Completing the assessment report is very easy. Follow these steps:

1. Reserve 20-25 minutes to read the instructions and answer the questions.

2. Click here to begin the assessment.

3. Read instructions, and click "I Agree" at the bottom.

4. When you are asked for your "Response Link" enter: 234745YUU, and "Start".

5. Read the Welcome page and click "Next".

6. Choose this assessment: "TTI Talent Insights - Behaviors & Motivators Management/Staff Version". Click "Complete Now".

7. Complete your personal info and check the box that you have read & understand the agreement. Click "Next".

8. Read the assessment instructions and click "Next" to begin. Answer questions and click "Next" at the bottom of each screen.

9. After completion, click "Save" and "Exit".

Thank you. A report will be sent to us after you complete the assessment.

Note: Don't forget to also email us your resume per the instructions on the job posting website.